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Primary Projects

List of Primary Grade Science Projects
(Grades 1-4)

The following are display type projects suitable for beginners. Students should be encouraged to make personal observations rather than taking material out of a book or magazine.

Primary Projects

1. Make a Volcano Model

2. Make a Magnet

3. Design and Make A Model Arm

4. Make A Bird House

5. Insect Collection Display

6. Cotton Culture Display

7. How Old Are Trees

8. Make a Sundial [Exp]

9. Human Eye / Vision Research

10. Study Food Values (using mice)

11. Inside Fruit

12. Make A Compass

13. Leaf Characteristics

14. Habitat Studies

15. Make Salt Crystals

16. How a Tooth Decays

17. Make Sugar Crystals

18. How Plants Reproduce [Exp]

19. Nutrition

20. Insects: Bad Guys or Good Guys?

21. Draw A Magnetic Field

22. Solar System (Make a Model)

23. Parts of a Flower

24. Parts of the eye (Make a model of the human eye)

25. Parts of a Hen’s Egg

27. Parts of a Horse (Display)

28. Parts of a Bird (Display)

29. Do Plants Grow Toward Light? [Exp]

30. What material and objects will be attracted by magnet? [Exp]

32. Ants (Life and habitat research and display)

33. Seed Collection

34. Make A Miniature Greenhouse

35. A Secret Letter with Invisible Ink [Exp]

36. Germination

40. Natural Gas

41. Make A Boat Model

42. How To Put Down A Fire?

43. What is needed for fire to start?

44. What food ingredients are water soluble?

45. Separate a mixture of wood dust, sugar and iron powder.

46. Which one is lighter, hot or cold water?

47. Which one is lighter, hot or cold air?

48. The Sun, Moon and Earth (Make Model)

49. The Human Heart, Make Display and Working Model

50. Rock Collection

52. Wood Collection

53. Carbon Dioxide and Man

54. Flower Collection (Annuals, Biennials, Perennials)

55. How to Test Food for Starch? [Exp]

56. A Balanced Aquarium

58. Bees

61. How Do You Test If The Egg Is Cooked?

62. Best Packaging for an Egg

63. Make A Simple Electric Circuit

64. What Battery Lasts Longest? [Exp]

65. Do Detergents Work Best In Cold or Hot Water? [Exp]

66. What causes the milk to spoil? [Exp]

67. Make Yogurt

68. Make Cheese

69. Make Candy

71. Which freezes faster? Water or Salt Water? [Exp]

72. Which freezes faster? Water or Sugar Water? [Exp]

73. Will Water freeze faster in a plastic cup or a metal cup?

75. What makes plants grow upward? Light or Gravity? [Exp]

76. What is the effect of light on a plants growth? [Exp]

77. What is the effect of temperature on a plants growth? x

78. What is the effect of salt water on a plants growth? [Exp]

79. What is the effect of sugar water on a plants growth? [Exp]

80. What is the effect of detergents on plants?

81. What is the effect of vinegar on plants? [Exp]

82.What is the effect of urine on plants?

83. What is the effect of oil on plants? [Exp]

84. What color light is best for a plants growth? [Exp]

85. What factors affect the evaporation of water? [Exp]

86.What is the effect of sugar or salt in the evaporation of water? (Quick and simple) [Exp]

87. Compare two dishwashing liquid to see which one makes more bubbles. [Exp]

88. Does the temperature of water affect the time it takes for the water to freeze? [Exp]

89. Identify counterfeit bills

90. Test Apple Maturity

91. Test fruits or fruit juices for starch [Exp]

92. What is cotton candy?

101. Cost comparison

110. A Tundra (Make a model)

A+ Projects

Make a volcano model
Make a sundial
Make sugar crystals

Attention Members:

If you have selected your science project for this school year, click on the link to access the introduction page of the project. Read the introduction page carefully. If that is the project you really need, click on View Details in order to see the project guide.

[Exp] = Experimental projects also known as investigatory projects.

[Exp*] = Adapted or modified to be an Experimental projects also known as investigatory projects.

(Quick) = Projects that can generally be completed in one to 7 days if you have access to all the necessary material or equipment.

coming soon* = Projects that are being added in future. Members can request expedition of such projects.